mindy miles:

My life consists of making peoples hearts smile as big as they have ever felt. Being a professional photographer for some time now, I have always loved creating emotion with my images. Now I just get to create all these different levels of emotion with all my other talents as well.

I love making people feel beautiful, I love crafting, I love baking, I love photography, I love creating videos, I LOVE combining it all to make one perfect moment for our couples to remember forever and always. The difference between us and other small wedding services is extreme passion and a love for what we do, deep in our souls.

Robert miles:

I’m the officiant, and I’m very excited to help you celebrate your wedding! I’m comfortable with whatever ceremony you feel is best to express your love on your special day, and truly feel honored to participate in bringing your union into the world. As they say, love is all you need! In addition to being the OFFICIANT I also do photography, video and any additional grunt work I am INSTRUCTED to do. Anything to make the day go perfectly!

Ellee Miles:

From the moment I picked up an eyeshadow brush I knew I had a passion for makeup. The satisfaction I get from perfecting a clients makeup is like no other feeling. I love being able to have a personal connection with my clients and giving them just as much joy when seeing their finished makeup. Being a part of a big day is so incredibly meaningful and I keep those memories and experiences close to my heart. Photography has always been very meaningful to me. These little moments that we capture with a click have so much emotion and meaning packed into them, and they will be cherished forever.I started photography when I was 12 with my mother, Mindy. Every time she told me a picture was good, it made me strive for more, for better than that. I appreciate everything that my mom taught me about photography, because it has lead me to be able to do such amazing, incredible things, with amazing and incredible people. Videography is extremely compelling to me. These miniature movies mean so much to people, because they hold so many little snippets of important moments. I’ve now done a few big projects for several different people, from my own high school, to the county where I am from. Working or not, I am constantly taking videos, and creating little movies. Whenever I rewatch these projects, I feel good and I remember things I’ve accomplished, jokes I have, or places I have been.

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